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"... We owe our children, the most
vulnerable citizens in our society,
a life free of violence and fear."
-Nelson Mandela

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Donors make contributions to PEI Kids in many ways, including donations “in memory of” or “in honor of” loved ones and others who have made a difference. We recognize these memorial and honorarium donations through this online tribute.  Thank you to our generous donors and those whom we are privileged to honor in this special way.

December 2016 Tributes

Evelyn A. Gill, in memory of George M. Gill

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis & Beverly Yard, in honor of Denise Pratico’s milestone birthday

Brig. Gen. and Mrs. Robert S. Dutko Sr., In honor of the children we serve

July 2016 Tributes

Nicole Cody, In memory of Jack Keller

May 2016 Tributes

200 Club of Mercer County, In honor of  George Meyer

January 2016 Tributes

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey and Iris Wasserstein, In honor of Nicholas Ventura

Dr. Patrick and Mrs. Elizabeth Sullivan, In honor of Jane Lowe-Rodriguez

December 2015 Tributes

Dr. & Mrs. Saul & Jae Fisher, In memory of Elaine Zeitz

November 2015 Tributes

Chris & Denise Pratico, In memory of Charlotte Coley

August 2015 Tributes

Irene Mimnaugh, In memory of Charlotte Coley

Kenneth & Nicole Cody, In memory of Charlotte Coley

April 2015 Tributes

Ann Diver, In honor of Jocelyn Froehlich

Roger & Betty Haymon, In memory of George Gill

Chris & Denise Pratico, In honor of PEI Kids’ Juvenile Intervention Services program

Chris & Denise Pratico, In honor of  Janet Rosenzweig

February 2015 Tributes

George Meyer, In memory of Jane Brooks

Jeffrey & Iris Wasserstein, In Honor of Nicholas Ventura

January 2015 Tributes

Stanley Bagan, In memory of Elaine Zeitz

December 2014 Tributes

Denise Bowles, In memory of George Gill

November 2014 Tributes

Hamilton Township Recreation Soccer Association, In memory of George Gill

Edward Robbins, In memory of George Gill

Irwin & Phyllis Stoolmacher, In memory of George Gill

Kathleen Zolad, In memory of George Gill

Nicholas Mehler & Joanna Askey, In memory of George Gill

Joshua & Heather Plati, In memory of George Gill

October 2014 Tributes

Thomas Auleta, In memory of George Gill

Pat Beaber, In memory of George Gill

Joan & Robert Hagen, In memory of George Gill

Kenneth Cubberly of Hamilton Soccer Club, In memory of George Gill

Anne Isenberg, In memory of George Gill

Eunice & Lary Jadlocki, In memory of George Gill

William & Mary Lueckel, In memory of George Gill

May Martin, In memory of George Gill

Joseph Mingo & coworkers at the Department of Banking & Insurance, In memory of George Gill

Joe & Rosemary Nadeau, In memory of George Gill

Angela Pearsall, In memory of George Gill

Chris & Denise Pratico, In memory of George Gill

Robert F. Casey PC, In memory of George Gill

Robert P. Casey PC, In memory of George Gill

Walter & Esperanza Sikorski, In memory of George Gill

Janice C. Van Deusen, In memory of George Gill

Maureen Wellington-Russell, In memory of George Gill


Thank You to Our Top Donors

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