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"... We owe our children, the most
vulnerable citizens in our society,
a life free of violence and fear."
-Nelson Mandela

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Prevention Education

Children/Youth Prevention Programs

PEI Kids’ Prevention Education programs seek to end violence and abuse against children and to encourage children who are or have been abused to disclose safely. Our goal is to ensure students the opportunity to learn about the dangers of sexual abuse in an environment of trust and support. Our programs are available to schools, community-based organizations and corporations throughout the Greater Mercer area. Note that the child/youth prevention programs include an adult component for parents, teachers, and administrators, as well.
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• Child Assault Prevention (CAP)
For the past 31 years, PEI Kids has been the New Jersey Child Assault Prevention (CAP) designee for school-based prevention education programs. Each year, we present workshops to more than 13,500 children from preschool to middle school in more than 65 Mercer County public and private schools, as well as teachers and parents, on topics, including child assault, sexual abuse, bullying, and cyber-safety.Kids against bullying

Core curricula includes Child Assault Prevention (CAP), the Bully Prevention Program, Teen CAP, and Cyber-safety. The CAP programs are interactive, age-appropriate programs delivered in the classroom. Programs are available to schools throughout Mercer County.

• Kids on the Block
Described by teachers and students alike as “an unforgettable experience,” Kids on the Block is a creative, interactive puppet program aimed at children in kindergarten through 6th grade. Created in 1977, the program features life size puppets who teach children about disabilities, medical and educational differences and issues including bullying, sexual abuse, and gang violence. This program is presented in an assembly format by trained puppeteers with the life size puppets engaging children to listen and ask questions about topics that are often difficult for adults and children to discuss together. This program is evidenced-based and incredibly effective. For more information, please contact Erika Hillman at 609-695-3739.

• Adult Prevention Programs
Keeping children safe is the responsibility of the caring adults in their lives. By educating adults on signs of abuse and how to respond, we as a community are far more likely to prevent violence that is inflicted on children before it happens and to get child victims the counseling and other support that they need so that they can heal.

• Enough Abuse Campaign
PEI Kids is the lead agency for the Greater Mercer Coalition to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse, part of the statewide and national “Enough Abuse Campaign.” The Greater Mercer Coalition has taken the initiative to educate every adult who lives in and/or works in Mercer County on how to recognize the behavior signs indicating abuse in children, recognize behavior signs indicating risky behavior in adults, respond appropriately to children who disclose abuse, and report suspected abuse. Through this education, parents, teachers, siblings, pediatricians and others caregivers and professionals will be able to better prevent the sexual abuse of the children in their lives.


Workshops for adults and older teens are offered throughout the community and are conducted by specially trained individuals. Most programs are 2-hours in duration and are specially geared to specific audiences, whether parents, early childhood and other professionals, social service organizations or companies. For more information, please contact Erika Hillman at or call PEI Kids at (609) 695-3739.

Key organizations and individuals on the Greater Mercer Coalition to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse include PEI Kids; Camp Fire-NJ; Catholic Charities Trenton-Family Growth Program; East Windsor School District; Mercer County Commission on Abused, Neglected and Missing Children; Mercer County Department of Human Services; Mercer County Office, Division of Child Protection and Permanency, NJ Department of Children and Families; Mercer County, Office of County Prosecutor; Mercer County, Child Advocacy Center, Multidisciplinary Team; WomanSpace, Domestic Violence Services; American Academy of Pediatrics, New Jersey Chapter; Annette Henderson, Princeton Township Police Officer; Ursula Miguel, CNM, Adolescent Medicine Practitioner; and The Reverend Daryl L. Armstrong, Pastor, Shiloh Baptist Church, Trenton.

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