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"... We owe our children, the most
vulnerable citizens in our society,
a life free of violence and fear."
-Nelson Mandela

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Picture3“PEI Kids is a great place to take your child for counseling, the staff has been very polite and understanding. The counselor has done an excellent job counseling my daughter, and my daughter was able to turn things around. I thank her very much. You are one of a kind, keep up the good work.”

“The quality and support of counseling my children received from PEI Kids has been wonderful. I was so impressed the way the counselor was able to accommodate my Sam’s special needs throughout therapy. (Sam is autistic.)”

“PEI Kids has been a wonderful asset to myself and my daughter.”

“Without this program, I do not feel we would have been able to work through my daughter’s issues. Let’s hope PEI Kids continues for years to come. The staff has been helpful, supportive of both my child and me.”

“Thank you so much Dr. Brooks for helping my daughter. I am so grateful for this place. Thank you again. God Bless.”


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