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"... We owe our children, the most
vulnerable citizens in our society,
a life free of violence and fear."
-Nelson Mandela

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Workshops & Support Groups

PEI Kids presents workshops and trainings for schools, organizations, and community groups throughout the Greater Mercer County area; and support groups for child victims of sexual abuse and their supportive family members. Below are some of our offerings.

1eac_basic_web Enough Abuse Campaign Trainings and Workshops

Working with Prevent Child Abuse – New Jersey, PEI Kids is the lead agency of the Greater Mercer Coalition to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse.Coalition members represent every Mercer County municipality and all sectors of the community. Using the successful “Enough Abuse!” model, the Coalition seeks to educate every adult who works and/or lives in Mercer County on the following:

1) how to prevent child sexual abuse
2) how to recognize when a child may be being abused, and;
3) how to get them immediate help.

PEI seeks community members interested in becoming certified Enough Abuse trainers, as well as locations interested in hosting workshops throughout the area. For more information about the Enough Abuse trainings and workshops, please contact Erika Hillman at or call (609) 695-3739.

body and flow - CopySupport group for Crisis Intervention for Child Victims of Sexual Abuse

Support group meetings for child victims of sexual assault and non-offending, supportive family members are scheduled for the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month. If there are five weeks in a month, an additional support group/meeting is scheduled for the 5th week of that month. Please contact Dr. Juanita Brooks at or call (609) 695-3739 for further information.

School & Community-based Prevention Programs for ChildrenKids on the Block 1 - PEI Kids

In collaboration with local school districts, PEI Kids presents school-based workshops on topics, including bullying, child assault and abuse prevention, cyber safety and the rights of all children to be “safe, strong and free.” Each year, we present workshops in more than 60 Mercer County schools, reaching more than 13,500 children. Additionally, we offer trainings on these topics for parents, teachers and administrators. For more information, please contact Erika Hillman at or (609) 695-3739.

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