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"... We owe our children, the most
vulnerable citizens in our society,
a life free of violence and fear."
-Nelson Mandela

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Crisis Intervention Tips

Keeping Your Child Safe:

  • Talk openly, talk early to your child about his or her body.
  • Use correct terminology when speaking to your child about his or her sexual body parts.
  • Teach your child what is ok touching and what is not ok touching.
  • Talk about sexual abuse prevention with the same honesty and concern you would talk about pool/water safety.
  • Consider the Internet a stranger in your home.
  • Ask your child for his or her password, if he or she has one.
  • If your child has a My Space profile, tell your child that you want to view it and do so!

If your child tells you he or she has been sexually abused:

  • Don’t panic! Remain calm.
  • Believe your child and do all you can to make sure he or she knows that you believe him or her.
  • Praise and thank him or her for being brave enough to tell you.
  • Report sexual abuse to the police or the Department of Children and Families, formerly the Division of Youth and Family Services.
  • Assure the child he or she did nothing wrong.
  • Make sure that the child knows that it is your job to protect him or her and that you will do just that!

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